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We Offer Authentic & Responsible Travel Packages for Every Wanderer

Education and Consultancy

is a schedule trip that you can experience our Community-based tourism and impact travel experience in a group of 10-15 Wanderer by register thought our website.

Corporate Trip

is a customized trip for corporate such as Outing, Employee Gathering, Employee Volunteering, CSR Activity and get inspired by the activity that we offer. Your company will not only travel but making impact at the same time!

School Trip

is a educational trip that we offer for school or university students with the customized theme. we arrrange various kind of trip from Field Trip, Excursion, Study Tour, Orientation Week/Camp, etc.

Private Trip

is a trip as you wish that we custom personally only for you or your group. it varies from a honeymoon trip, friendship trip, family trip, or a private eduactional tour. You name it, we handle it for you.

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Wanderlust Support Community-based Tourism

If I Were A Local turns you not only as a traveller but to live like a local, to be able to gain a new perspective that will open your mind and heart. Understanding a different world through the simple life of the locals. This package offers to stay for several periods in the village start from 1 week or 1 month. You will have a local host family who will open their home for you and work on a local site that you desire the most. Of course, there are also exciting travel excursions that you will experience. This journey is the best way to find the uniqueness of our authentic culture & the beauty of our nature that will be hard to forget.

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