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What is Wanderlust Indonesia ?

Wanderlust Indonesia is a social enterprise built in 2016 and we become legally registered as PT Perjalanan Kreatif Indonesia in late 2017. We provide community-based tourism & impact travel experience for school, corporate, and private. Our range of activity diverse from group / private trip, corporate outing, employee volunteering, CSR collaboration project, University/school field trip, and consultancy project to develop a sustainable and community-based tourism destination.

What’s the meaning of Wanderlust Indonesia logo?

Wanderlust Indonesia’s logo is a colorful air-balloon. We aim to bring Traveler exploring the local tourism spots in Indonesia while giving them an eye-opening and open minded experience through community-based tourism & impact travel experience.

Why do Wanderlust apply Community-based tourism?

Wanderlust strongly commit to be the pioneer for CBT (Community-based tourism) experience in Indonesia through the empowerment of local people & educate our traveler. We prioritize  interaction with local people during our trip through homestay host program, partnering with local guide, give training for local people, traveler volunteer to local people, and many other. Wanderlust intends to engage and connect Traveler with Local People in the local tourism destination. We believe that community-based tourism and impact travel experience is a solution to Indonesia problem to tourism such as mass tourism, waste problem in tourism, and other.

What is the problem in tourism that Wanderlust want to tackle?

We categorize 3 problem in tourism that we would like to solve through our social enterprise. First, low level of local economy. We are giving solution to partner with local people and empower them to be our team in field such as local guide, homestay host, food provider, logistic provider, local handicraft seller, and many other. Second, environment problem. We educate both traveler and local people to perform responsible tourism by using our green traveling kit to reduce the waste in tourism especially single-plastic use. In addition, we also did several program to conserve the environment such as mangrove plantation, coral reef plantation, beach clean-up, etc. Third, low level of education. We improve the education for local people by giving informal classes, vocational school, through several volunteering program.

How to book a trip or activity with Wanderlust Indonesia?

You can see our page in this website and find TRIP CATEGORY that you would like to join. Whether you want an open trip, private trip, customized trip for your corporation or school, we are here to help! Just follow the instruction in the TRIP page: http://idwanderlust.net/trips/

Does Wanderlust Indonesia sell green traveling product?

Yes! We have “Wandershop” where we produce Green Traveling Kit for our traveler and public. You can easily find it in this page: http://idwanderlust.net/wandershop/ . If you want to custom the logo with your institution like we did to many of our clients, you can visit the wholesale page: http://idwanderlust.net/wholesale-products/


Wanderlust Indonesia!